What Makes Chatroulette Better Than Other Video Chats

What Makes Chatroulette Better Than Other Video Chats

Chatroulette unites millions of girls and guys from across the world and that’s exactly what makes such kind of communication so special. Cam chat gains in popularity day by day attracting people with a great number of its pros, such as convenience and time-efficiency. Leave all your troubles behind, take advantage of random chat right now and get a unique opportunity to make every day of your life even brighter.

Irreplaceable Chatroulette

What makes chatroulette so irreplaceable and special? In fact, everything is quite simple:

  • this is the most surprising and unordinary way for getting to know other people;
  • cam chat gives you an opportunity to meet strangers from across the globe;
  • you can make every day of your life different and full of vivid events;
  • it is possible for you to meet a girl/guy you have something in common with and enjoy talking to this person.

Chatroulette is the simplest way for getting to know random women and men. It requires no sign up which makes it really easy to use. You don’t have to spend much time creating an eye-catching profile, thinking on your description or choosing the best photos to upload; all you need to do is visit the website, have a webcam and some spare time. Visiting the website, you get instant access to video chat rooms and become able to talk to strangers you are interested in.

There are no limitations in random chat. It doesn’t matter where you live, what your profession/nationality/religion is, or what you like doing in your spare time; cam chat gives you a real opportunity to find like-minded strangers in one click and easily broaden your social circle.

It’s easier than ever to change your everyday life. Chatroulette will help you not only find new friends from across the world and meet your soulmate, but also make it possible for you to increase your self-esteem. Such kind of communication will be a catch for everyone who wants to be more confident in themselves and boost their social skills talking to random people.

Pros Of Chatroulette

Chatroulette can’t be compared to any other video chat; it has numbers of pros which make it so relevant:

  • no sign up required – you don’t have to waste your time signing up on any website;
  • a possibility to meet people from across the world – you become able to get to know random women and men who live in Spain, the Netherlands, Denmark, Russia or any other corner of the globe;
  • constant access – you are able to talk to strangers and enter chat rooms at all times of the day and night;
  • a chance to find new friends – chatroulette lets you meet strangers you have something in common with, and broaden your social circle chatting with those you are interested in;
  • gender selection feature – you may use this feature for video chatting with girls/guys only.

Cam chat is an unordinary way of communication which will bring you lots of vivid emotions giving you a chance to find new friends, meet your soulmate, get a new job and finally attain happiness.

The Top 5 Worst Video Chats

The Top 5 Worst Video Chats

Video chatting can be fun when you choose a service that matches your needs. Video chats are incorporated in virtually every dating site or app, so that it is easy to click a button and see a partner you talk to. Still, not all video chats are good for dating or just talking due to some or other reasons. In some cases, they may not even be safe enough — for your emotional health, or for your pocket. Here are the list of 5 video chats that we do not recommend you to use.

Top 5 Worst Video Chats


Match.com — a dating site with a great number of users and with a great number of scam and fraud cases correspondingly. After introducing video chat feature, match.com started attracting even more users daily with matches feeling no need to move their relationships off from the site to instant messengers. A woman from England who met her “match” in this website’s video chat reported to have lost £300,000, having been manipulated by a man she fell in love with. So, beware, by looking for dating video chats with lots of people, you are looking for a pond with a lot of suspicious fish.

  1.  AnastasiaDate

Dating services such as AnastasiaDate is a straightforward money making for those who own this business. As a rule, men who video chat with girls from the site rarely meet them in person. What is even more astonishing is that men have to pay for virtually every move they make on the site, starting with registration and ending with paying for every message they send. Video chatting and just chatting end right when a man realizes that he has spent too much money with no result.

  1. Hope Speak

The best among the worst. The main disadvantage of this video chat is that it is just boring. The majority of people come to practice their English and just talk to someone, rarely looking for something romantic. Unlike in popular video chat, nudity is prohibited here; communication here is all about making connections.

  1. Tawkify

Very expensive and weird. The thing is that matching is not random but performed manually by people called matchmakers. There is no guarantee these matchmakers know who is right for you better than you do.

  1. Tastebuds.fm

Matches people according to their tastes in music. So, the majority of users there play guitar or just play favourite songs for each other while video chatting. Definitely not for everyone.

How To Choose The Right Video Chat?

You may feel like video chats that are in this list are there unjustifiably. Let us remind you that it is all a matter of tastes and if you feel like one of these chats are definitely for you, go ahead and use it. Still, beware of dating services that do not offer reasonable protection to your personal data and those, where scamming and fraud are in bloom. If you want to meet new people in video chats, better choose reliable sites and services that are rigidly moderated and grant security to their users.   

Top Video Chats For Business Communication

Top Video Chats For Business Communication

Nowadays, people are able to solve all their problems and communicate with one another not even leaving their house. Video chats gain in popularity with each passing day; here people are able to find a new job, expand their business, chat with their partners and conduct business meetings.

Fortunately, it’s not essential to spend days and nights in the office in order to succeed and meet all the deadlines. Virtual meetings have already become a part of every business person’s life; online business correspondence and video chatting with partners make it possible for people to do everything on time, earn more money and attract inward investment just having a webcam and Internet access.

Vast Online Opportunities

Video chat is the simplest way for communication with people from across the world. Each person is able to start video chatting with others in one click and it doesn’t even matter where the companion lives. So what are the best video chats for business communication?

  1. Appear.in. Given service allows you make free video calls and chat with up to 12 people at a time. Appear.in requires no sign up and downloads; you can video chat with business partners right from your browser. All you need to do is create a chat room, enter your name and invite people you want to chat with sharing the link.
  2. ooVoo. A service which makes it possible for you to video chat with up to 6 people, share links, send files and text your companions. You are able to record your conversation and upload it on any website, such as YouTube. It is possible to video chat with people who have already downloaded ooVoo and those who haven’t sending them the link to the chat room.
  3. Facebook Group Chat. You are able to video chat with business partners via Facebook Messenger. 50 people simultaneously can join video chat room and listen to you, however you will be able to see only 6 of them.
  4. Jitsi. An open-source for video calls where you can create a video chat room for business communication and talk to unlimited number of users. It is completely free and makes it possible for you to video chat with business partners right via the browser.
  5. Zoom. This service lets you conduct online business conferences, meetings and webinars. Zoom is really easy to use; you can invite friends via Gmail and start video chatting right away.
  6. Houseparty. This is a free mobile application allowing you video chatting with up to 8 people at one time. Housparty is available on iOS and Android devices. Given app alerts you when people start using it, so you can easily figure out when you should call your business partners and start a meeting.
  7. Google+ Hangouts. One of the most widespread communication platforms which includes video chat and messaging. It allows conversation between two or more users as well as makes it possible for you to record all the necessary video calls and look through saved chat history.

It has never been easier to conduct business meetings than it is now. All the above mentioned video chats will help you always keep in touch with your business partners even in they live halfway around the globe making it possible for you to expand business and succeed at work.