HomeBodies realizes that each person is different and that is why we offer personal trainers who can customize your Pilates workouts. Homebodies has special Pilates programs for pre-natal, pregnant and post natal moms.

These customized workouts not only strengthen the upper back, they also provide relaxation techniques to be used throughout the labor process.

HomeBodies also has Pilates trainers who can help anyone going through physical therapy and rehabilitation training. We customize workouts that focus on recovering from injuries, as well as design programs that will rebalance the muscles around the joints.

Private Pilates Instructors NYC

Pilates Training at Home

Pilates Personal Trainers NYC

Homebodies private pilates instructor in NYC have at least 300 hours in Pilates instruction and have trained in many modalities of Pilates. Pilates Personal Trainer NYC.
Pilates Training

Invented by Joseph Pilates and originally used for rehab by dancers, Pilates workouts are a series of exercises that emphasize core strength, body awareness, and flexibility. There are now a wide range of people who enjoy, and benefit from Pilates including, but not limited to:

  • Women
  • Men
  • Seniors
  • Athletes
  • Dancers
  • Those who are in physical rehab

In fact, more people practice Pilates in NYC than in any other city of the U.S!
The health benefits of regular Pilates workouts are well documented. It is easy to overlook how intense Pilates training can be. Pilates Workouts.
Pilates Instructor
Pilates Training
Meet a HomeBodies
Personal Trainer, Vivian

Vivian is a certified personal trainer certified by American Council on Exercise(ACE), National Academy of Sports Medicine(NASM), and Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFFA), Also certified by Integral Yoga Institute  specializing in Hatha Yoga, (RYT-200) and a Mat Pilates certified by PhysicalMind Institute.

Focusing on functional training, core strength, and flexibility, the workouts are innovative and fun always adding new techniques and challenges. She has experience with individuals with cancer, seniors and those with osteoporosis. She has a BA from Tufts University.
"From the beginner, to the most experienced exerciser, Pilates training is a wonderful exercise routine to add to your weekly plan.

No one has more, or better, trained Pilates Instructors than HomeBodies, and that is the difference you will realize after your first session with us."

-Elizabeth Crutchfield
HomeBodies Director
Client Testimonial

"Homebodies and Elizabeth Crutchfield really helped guide me to a much healthier and happier lifestyle. 

Through the gentle guidance of the Homebodies Coaching Program, I became much more conscious of my need to “eat and think” healthy and the importance of having both nutrition and exercise in my life. 

I feel great.  Thank you Homebodies!"

-Leslie Knox Johnson
Woman doing Pilates with her Personal Trainer
Woman doing breathing exercises during her pilates in NYC workout
Beginners especially enjoy Pilates workouts because of the fast results they achieve.  Pilates doesn't require a home gym and can be gentle enough to be done by the elderly and those who are overweight.

In short, Pilates in NYC can be done by almost anyone. People practicing Pilates in NYC have learned it is a whole-body fitness routine that promotes balanced muscle development.

Besides strengthening the body, it also promotes a healthy mind and spirit.
Pilates Personal Trainer

Choosing the right private pilates instructor in nyc is important. Pilates is a program that requires time and effort. At Homebodies, our Pilates instructors are certified for both mat and equipment training.
While many gyms may advertise one-on-one training in Pilates, this does not always mean you will have your own Pilates instructor.

There is a difference in one-on-one training and private training.

HomeBodies provides you the option of private one-on-one training, or mixing up your training with different instructors. In addition, we are free to go anywhere you need us.
Whether you prefer to take your Pilates session in the privacy of your own home, at the office on a lunch break or at a gym in your building, we are trained and ready to go. Our private pilates instructor in nyc are passionate about Pilates and will bring that passion and knowledge to your Pilates workout so you can experience Pilates as the pure mind/body exercise it is meant to be.

Pilates Workouts

The health benefits of regular Pilates workouts are well documented. In fact, it is easy to overlook just how intense Pilates training can be:

  • Tones, strengthens and lengthens muscles- Pilates works every single muscle in the body. People who practice Pilates see their strength and flexibility increase quickly.

  • Provides a total body workout- Pilates training was developed after Joseph Pilates studied martial arts, tai chi, yoga, and other Eastern influences that incorporate both the mind and body. His goal was to create a program that worked the body, spirit, and mind in a series of sequential exercises.

  • Relieves stress- Pilates in a true mind/body exercise.  In order to practice Pilates, you must concentrate and focus on your body and the muscles you are working. By shutting out other areas of your thinking, this helps to reduce stress.
All you need is a mat and one of our pilates personal trainer of nyc and you are ready. We have flexible scheduling that can be designed to meet any need you may have. If you are looking for a pilates personal trainer in NYC, HomeBodies is the best choice.

For over 30 years, we have been providing certified personal trainers to NYC. Our team has been extensively trained, and we offer you not only pilates personal trainer NYC, but also personal trainers who are well-versed in all aspects of fitness programming.
When you contact Homebodies, rest assured you are getting trained, certified, specialists who strive to put our clients first. Call us today and see what a difference a Pilates personal trainer can make in your life.
A woman doing pilates exercises at home
A NYC Pilates Instructior teaching a woman how to do exercises properly
Woman doing her Pilates Exercises at Home
Learn about HomeBodies Pilates Training in Your Home from Denise

Pilates at Home

We realize that everyone has a busy schedule and that attending a specific class is not always possible. That is why we come to you. Pilates at Home.
Woman doing pilates exercises at home
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Jane Pauley HomeBodies Client Testimonial
"Homebodies was a real find. I've been delighted with their service and join the list of happy customers."  
-Jane Pauley
CBS Sunday Morning
Victoria Clark HomeBodies Client Testimonial
"Trust me, you will not find this service at any gym.  I tried them all!" 
-Victoria Clark,
Tony-Award Winning Actress
Whether you are trying to lose weight, become toned, relax your mind and body, or any combination of these, HomeBodies Pilates trainers will work with you to give you a customized workout.

Pilates at Home

We realize that everyone has a busy schedule and that attending a specific class is not always possible. That is why we come to you. HomeBodies personal trainers and instructors are equipped to teach you Pilates in the privacy of your home.
"I always tell people, the best exercises are the ones you will do. And the best diet is the one that you can stick to! HomeBodies Certified Personal Trainers will help you develop a healthy relationship with where you are, and where you want to be."
Elizabeth Crutchfield, NYC Personal Trainers Owner
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