Top Video Chats For Business Communication

Top Video Chats For Business Communication

Nowadays, people are able to solve all their problems and communicate with one another not even leaving their house. Video chats gain in popularity with each passing day; here people are able to find a new job, expand their business, chat with their partners and conduct business meetings.

Fortunately, it’s not essential to spend days and nights in the office in order to succeed and meet all the deadlines. Virtual meetings have already become a part of every business person’s life; online business correspondence and video chatting with partners make it possible for people to do everything on time, earn more money and attract inward investment just having a webcam and Internet access.

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Video chat is the simplest way for communication with people from across the world. Each person is able to start video chatting with others in one click and it doesn’t even matter where the companion lives. So what are the best video chats for business communication?

  1. Given service allows you make free video calls and chat with up to 12 people at a time. requires no sign up and downloads; you can video chat with business partners right from your browser. All you need to do is create a chat room, enter your name and invite people you want to chat with sharing the link.
  2. ooVoo. A service which makes it possible for you to video chat with up to 6 people, share links, send files and text your companions. You are able to record your conversation and upload it on any website, such as YouTube. It is possible to video chat with people who have already downloaded ooVoo and those who haven’t sending them the link to the chat room.
  3. Facebook Group Chat. You are able to video chat with business partners via Facebook Messenger. 50 people simultaneously can join video chat room and listen to you, however you will be able to see only 6 of them.
  4. Jitsi. An open-source for video calls where you can create a video chat room for business communication and talk to unlimited number of users. It is completely free and makes it possible for you to video chat with business partners right via the browser.
  5. Zoom. This service lets you conduct online business conferences, meetings and webinars. Zoom is really easy to use; you can invite friends via Gmail and start video chatting right away.
  6. Houseparty. This is a free mobile application allowing you video chatting with up to 8 people at one time. Housparty is available on iOS and Android devices. Given app alerts you when people start using it, so you can easily figure out when you should call your business partners and start a meeting.
  7. Google+ Hangouts. One of the most widespread communication platforms which includes video chat and messaging. It allows conversation between two or more users as well as makes it possible for you to record all the necessary video calls and look through saved chat history.

It has never been easier to conduct business meetings than it is now. All the above mentioned video chats will help you always keep in touch with your business partners even in they live halfway around the globe making it possible for you to expand business and succeed at work.