Meet Jennifer, a HomeBodies Teenager Personal Trainer

Jennifer is a certified personal trainer with over 10 years experience specializing in fitness for women, teens and the elderly.

She holds a BA degree in Psychology, and Master's degree in Counseling. Currently, she is pursuing a Physical Therapy degree, and continues to broaden her education with fitness workshops and continuing education courses.

She has trained all ages and all fitness levels. Her clients range from 13 to 87 years of age.

"I believe that Fitness is the cornerstone to overall Health and Wellness and that getting fit is the first step to a new and healthy lifestyle. "

Teenager Personal Training

Personal Trainers for Teens

Personal Training for Teenagers in NYC

Our teen fitness program is designed to pinpoint specific health goals based on your overall fitness level, and the goals you wish to achieve.
Personal Training for Teenagers in NYC

Getting active and staying healthy requires motivation and the knowledge of proper nutrition and what your body needs. If you are a teenager, or a parent of a teen, and interested in losing weight, getting healthy, or even building more muscle and getting fit, consider our personal training for teenagers program. HomeBodies conveniently provides personal training at your home or the gym in your apartment building.

Personal Training for Teenagers

Our teen fitness program is designed to pinpoint specific health goals based on your overall fitness level. If you are a teenager interested in personal training, working with a HomeBodies personal trainer for teenagers is ideal as it provides the structure and discipline which is often necessary to move forward with any health and fitness goals you have set for yourself.

If you find yourself distracted or unmotivated but you truly want to make a change in your life, consider working together with a personal trainer who has experience with teenagers. Working with a teenager is often different than an adult, as you are still growing and your body is changing, which may require different insight depending on your fitness goals and needs.

Personal Trainers for Teenagers
When you work with a trainer who has experience with teenagers, you are more likely to feel motivated and determined to reach your fitness goals.
Client Testimonial

"My daughter had a bit of an overweight problem. We tried some diet programs, but instead, decided to embrace a new lifestyle with exercise. The changes weren't immediate, but they did come, and now my daughter has new and healthy outlook on life.

I shutter whenever I think what might have happened had we not chosen this path at this time of her life. I highly recommend your service."

-Bethany K.
Personal Trainers for Teenagers
Teenager Exercise Programs
Teen Personal Trainer
Teen Exercising Program
Professional trainers are known for their accountability, and will not shy away from telling you to pick up the pace or to push harder to accomplish any goals you have in mind.

Trainers are also notorious for keeping you on track and checking up on your workout habits, even when you are not meeting with one another.

You will learn to push yourself when you work alongside a personal trainer who helps teenagers improve their fitness and achieve their goals.
Ultimately, a personal trainer can show you that any limits you have set for yourself can and will be broken during your journey to health and getting fit. Any time you choose to hire a personal trainer, get ready for an adventure of becoming more disciplined and in-tune with your body's needs.

Personal trainers are also capable of helping you with meal plans depending on whether you want to eat healthier, lose weight, gain muscle or simply maintain your weight throughout the journey.

Working together with a trainer who specializes in helping teenagers get in shape, lose weight and understand nutrition is ideal if you want to make positive changes in your life while staying motivated at all times. For more information or for a free consultation on a personal trainer for yourself or someone you know, give us a call.

Teenager Training at Home

Our Personal Trainers come to your home or meet with you at your apartment gym depending on what is most convenient for you.
Teenager Personal Training at Home
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Jane Pauley HomeBodies Client Testimonial
"Homebodies was a real find. I've been delighted with their service and join the list of happy customers."  
-Jane Pauley
CBS Sunday Morning
Victoria Clark HomeBodies Client Testimonial
"Trust me, you will not find this service at any gym.  I tried them all!" 
-Victoria Clark,
Tony-Award Winning Actress
If you don’t want to leave your home or feel uncomfortable in a gym, hiring a personal trainer who is willing to pay you a visit each week or multiple times each week is highly recommended to help with keeping you motivated on reaching all of your fitness goals.

Teenager Personal Training at Your Home

A major benefit of working with a teenage personal trainer with experience is the ability to work out right from the comfort of your own home or at a nearby gym depending on where you live and the trainer you want to work with on your fitness goals. Teenager personal training at your home is possible with personal training services that help to find you a trainer who is nearby or willing to come to your home for training sessions multiple times each week.

Finding a trainer that is willing to make a house call is ideal if you do not live near a gym that is convenient for you. Working out in your own home can help you to get acquainted with the personal trainer quicker while also feeling more comfortable in your own skin with your own personal workout equipment and gear.

Benefits of Working With a Professional Trainer

There are many benefits of working with a professional fitness and workout trainer who assists teenagers in their journey of getting fit and healthy. When you work with a trainer who has experience with teenagers, you are more likely to feel motivated and determined to reach your fitness goals, especially when you are being held accountable each week for your actions and completed tasks or exercises you need to get done.
Working together with a personal trainer who assists teenagers is a way to stay motivated while working out and getting to know and understand your body and the best methods for working on it.

Trainers who work with teenagers are able to also provide you with nutritional advice that will ensure your body is getting all of the nutrients and essential vitamins it needs to stay strong while you continue to grow and workout simultaneously.

There are trainers who are willing to come to your home as well as trainers who will meet with you at a local gym depending on where you are living as well as how convenient each meeting place is for you at the time.
"I always tell people, the best exercises are the ones you will do. And the best diet is the one that you can stick to! HomeBodies Certified Personal Trainers will help you develop a healthy relationship with where you are, and where you want to be."
Elizabeth Crutchfield, NYC Personal Trainers Owner
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