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Rehabilitation Training

Rehabilitation Personal Training

HomeBodies personal trainers can work in conjunction with Physical therapists. Physical Rehabilitation.
Rehabilitation Personal Trainers

Anyone who has been in an accident, pulled a muscle, broken a bone, suffered a disease or illness, or otherwise been injured is a good candidate for rehabilitation training. Similar to physical therapy, rehabilitation training is designed to strengthen the body and muscles, relieve pain, and return the injured party back to a normal lifestyle.

Physical Rehabilitation

HomeBodies personal trainers have worked in conjunction with Physical therapist for over 25 years. In that time we have worked with clients who have suffered:

  • Torn ACL
  • Sprained muscles
  • Whiplash
  • Broken bones
  • MS
  • Parkinson’s
  • Head injury
  • Diseases of the joints

HomeBodies personal trainers will work with you to get you back to your normal lifestyle. We realize how hard it is to exercise when you are not feeling your best. Our specially designed program of relaxation exercises combined with strength training and resistance training, as well as a cardio program will have you working towards a recovery.

Rehabilitation Training

HomeBodies prides ourselves on our attention to detail. We will work with your doctor to provide the training and exercise you need. We can work with you in a place that is safe and convenient for you.
Our personal trainers will customize your rehabilitation personal training program. Rehabilitation Training.
Sports Rehabilitation
"One of the great joys we get in our line of business is seeing people achieve their goals. 

People that come to us recovering from an injury require a certain level of skill, where a knowledgeable personal trainer can make all the difference in the success in healing from an injury."

-Elizabeth Crutchfield
HomeBodies Director
We can meet you at your home or fitness center. HomeBodies personal trainers will customize your rehabilitation personal training program. In addition to working with your doctor, we can work with your therapist to provide you with the best possible care.

From teaching you a new way to do traditional exercises to teaching you better ways to maneuver as you recover, HomeBodies will help you recover with ease. 
In your physical rehabilitation training program, we will review your course of treatment, as prescribed by your doctor. We will measure your current strength and flexibility, as well as analyze your current functionality. The most common causes physical rehabilitation personal training are:

  • Sports injuries
  • Seniors who have suffered a slip-and-fall incident
  • Car accidents
  • Accidents which occur in the home

HomeBodies has found that often a person who utilizes rehabilitative personal training can be restored 100 percent. HomeBodies has personal trainers who will work with you to strengthen the body and reverse any rehabilitation injury you may have. Our goal is to get you back to your job, your home, your family, and your life as quickly as possible.
We will also work with you to provide ways to relieve any pain you may be experiencing, restore your full function and movement, and teach you any personal adaptations you may need to make.

We realize this is a difficult time and we want to provide the support and encouragement you need in order to recover to your fullest. We pledge to work as hard as you do to provide rehabilitation injury recovery.
  • Exercises on an unstable surface to improve balance
  • Yoga or Pilates for strengthening the core and providing mental relaxation
  • Endurance exercises such as treadmill work, rowing work, or biking work
  • Wall slides in order to strengthen quads and thigh muscles

HomeBodies personal trainers also work to provide you with a customized rehabilitation program you can use at home between visits. In addition to exercises, we will also give you the motivation you need to return to an active lifestyle.
Meet a HomeBodies
Personal Trainer, Vivian

Vivian Rodriguez is a certified personal trainer certified by American Council on Exercise(ACE) , National Academy of Sports Medicine(NASM), and Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFFA), Also certified by Integral Yoga Institute  specializing in Hatha Yoga, (RYT-200) and a Mat Pilates certified by PhysicalMind Institute.

Focusing on functional training, core strength, and flexibility, the workouts are innovative and fun always adding new techniques and challenges.  She has experience with individuals with cancer, seniors and those with osteoporosis. She has a BA from Tufts University.
Woman working on her Physical Rehabilitation with a personal trainer with light weights
Personal Trainer providing Rehabilitation Training to a man with a leg injury
Client Testimonial

"I have been with Homebodies for 13 years because of the excellent service they provide.  They really know how to select their trainers.  They are all highly trained individuals so I don’t have to worry about the qualifications of the individual I am dealing with. 

Furthermore, I can sleep at night knowing that they will avoid exercise where I might hurt myself.  Another key factor for me is that they take care of all the administrative aspects of my training so that they handle cancellations, changes in schedule, etc. "

-Silvia Kessel
Kluge & Company
Woman doing sports rehab exercises with her personal trainer
Man drinking orange juice after his Rehabilitation Personal Training Exercises
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Rehabilitation Injury

Rehabilitation exercises differ slightly from our regular exercise programs.
Rehabilitation Exercises.
NYC personal Trainer helping a client with a Rehabilitation Injury using light weights
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Jane Pauley HomeBodies Client Testimonial
"Homebodies was a real find. I've been delighted with their service and join the list of happy customers."  
-Jane Pauley
CBS Sunday Morning
Victoria Clark HomeBodies Client Testimonial
"Trust me, you will not find this service at any gym.  I tried them all!" 
-Victoria Clark,
Tony-Award Winning Actress
We realize for our program to work, you have to respond positively to it. That is why you are involved in all aspects of your rehabilitation program.

Contact HomeBodies today and see how we can get you back to the life you once led.
Rehabilitation Injury

Our rehabilitation exercises differ slightly from our regular exercise programs. We design them to be done by someone who must adapt to a different way of performing. Rehabilitation exercises may include:
"I always tell people, the best exercises are the ones you will do. And the best diet is the one that you can stick to! HomeBodies Certified Personal Trainers will help you develop a healthy relationship with where you are, and where you want to be."
Elizabeth Crutchfield, NYC Personal Trainers Owner
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