Top Cam Chat Applications You Should Download On Your Android Device

Communication is an essential part of people’s life. Nowadays, everyone has a chance to chat with each other and spend quality time online just having a gadget and mobile web. Downloading video chat apps on your Android device, you become able to make every day of your life more eventful and exciting keeping in touch with your friends at any time of the day and getting to know strangers from other corners of the globe in one click.

The Most Widespread Android Cam Chat Applications

  1. ooVoo LLC. ooVoo is one of the most widespread video chat apps for Android where you can talk to your friends, conduct business conferences and webinars. Downloading this application, you become able to video chat with up to 12 people simultaneously. ooVoo is easy for understanding, however it requires sign up.
  2. Google+ Hangouts. This application has already gained popularity among users from across the world. You are able to always keep in touch with your relatives and friends as well as video chat with up to 9 people at one time.
  3. Viber. Downloading given application, you become able to see and hear a person you are calling to. This app is perfect for both business and friendly conversations as well as it allows its users text each other and use hidden chat feature. Viber for Android is completely free.
  4. Skype. This is definitely one of the most well-known video chat applications which has millions of users from around the globe. You can call people you have already added to contacts. Online calls are free, however you will have to pay for ones you make on the phone.
  5. Tango. This is one of the oldest video chat applications. It lets you contact other person even if the Internet connection is low. Tango has become a real social network where you can text your friends, create group chats, contact your relatives, play games and do lots of other things.
  6. AV by AOL. Given app is really easy to use. All you need to do is download it and then share the link with your friends, so they can access a video chat room. It is possible to video chat with 3 people at one time. You may also invite your Facebook friends to join you in AV by AOL chat room.
  7. Imo. An app which lets you video chatting with people even having poor Internet connection. Imo is available both on Android and iOS devices; the only disadvantage of given application is advertising.
  8. WhatsApp. Undoubtedly, this is one of the most popular applications for texting and video chatting. It tallies roughly 1 billion users from all over the world. This app is known for its privacy policy, security and a bunch of top free features. Downloading given application, you become able to make free video calls to people who live halfway around the globe, conduct business conferences, always keep in touch with your relatives and respond to all the messages immediately.

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